Frequently Asked Questions

This is completely dependent on the type of engagement. In certain circumstances, the complete team would be dedicated to your account and in others you would have a part of their time.

No, we make use of our own CRM solution, however, we are happy to edit our pipeline documentation to simply import it into our clients’ respective CRM.

You will get a breakdown of the following:
Number of Calls made
Number of Successful/Negative calls and consequences thereof
Number of meetings organised and with who
Pipeline Discussion with next steps planned.

We simply need to understand the specific clients that you would like us not to reach out to.

We have a 1 month engagement before initiating the outreach
Process for Terminating Services
1 calendar month in writing with a reason as to why.

A touch cadence refers to the number of outreach touches that we have with a prospect and how often. A touch refers to a Phone call, WhatsApp, Voicemail, email, etc.

Building your own sales team requires time, infrastructure and a big support team. Braeven already have this in place and are better positioned to help you attack the market more aggressively.

We currently assist organisation in introducing their products to English Speaking African countries. This includes:
Zambia | Ghana | Tanzania | Rwanda | Ethiopia | Kenya | Zimbabwe | Namibia | Botswana | Uganda